Testimonials From Our Morristown, NJ Area Patients

Dear Dr. Schuster,

Jay, really nice crown. Now THAT’s the way dentistry should be done:)

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the care of your patient. I will of course keep you apprised of any changes if they occur. If I may be of any additional assistance regarding this or any other patient, please feel free to call.

With best personal regards,

Mitchell H. Davich, DMD, FACD, FICD

I recently switched to Dr. Schuster and am so happy I did. He is an amazing Dentist and the nicest person in the world. The work he has done for me has be nothing but amazing.

Thanks much!!!!

Irene Scanlon

Dear Jay,

I have been to the dentist here in Raleigh,NC twice since coming here from Morristown, NJ (and the magnificent dinner in Westfield with you, your lovely wife and Ginny Williams) and both times the dentist has said, "Wow! Whoever did your dental work was a real professional. You need nothing done except a routine cleaning."

Jane and I miss you. And your exquisite professionalism. And, of course, we miss much more your friendship.

Roland P. Perdue

Hi Jay,

Good to see you and everyone again this morning. I thought I would take a moment to pass on some accolades to you and your team since my wife, my children, and I are once again parading through your office while back in the US on annual leave from Australia.
So, why do we choose to wait until our yearly trip back to New Jersey to have all of our dental check-ups with you in Morristown, rather than availing ourselves of the high quality dental services that exist in Australia? The following reasons spring to mind for me:

  • You are a very competent dentist and the most forward-thinking dentist we've ever come across - it is apparent that you are constantly researching and staying up-to-speed on the latest medical research and technological advances in your field; it seems apparent that your dental assistants are equally well-versed on the latest advances in good dental health;
  • Speaking of your dental assistants, you clearly hire and retain the highest quality staff in your practice, from the very cheerful reception and admin staff, to the equally cheerful and highly competent dental hygienists and assistants;
  • You actually put the new advances you learn into practice in your office;
  • You clearly invest in the latest equipment for the greater comfort of your patients;
  • Your office environment is extremely pleasant and inviting, which puts both my children, not to mention my wife and I, at ease.

In short, we have never had a better dental experience than we do in your practice every year, and we are people who were raised on good dental health, and have lived in many places in our lives.
So, great to see you again today. You saw my wife and daughters yesterday; you will see my wife again with my son later today. You can then mark in your calendar that you will see all of us again at this time next year!!

Take care and all the best.



My Experience with Dr. Jay Schuster

I am pleased to offer this review of the quality of Dr. Schuster’s practice for any prospective patient who may also require the demanding attention I received. For a period of 3 decades I was terribly negligent about my teeth and was a heavy pipe smoker. After several years of extraction and bridge work, the limit was reached: either dentures or implants. I chose implants, painfully abandoned my pipe and then in Jay’s capable hands embarked on a 3 year course of implants and provisional bridges before the final restorations were in place. I could not be more pleased by the results!

While I would not wish on anyone the chair-time and expense of such a total makeover, it did provide a stage for Jay to demonstrate both his own skills and character. I was always impressed by Jay’s interest and critical understanding of new technology and materials in prosthodontics. I believe his knowledge in these fields earned him the respect of professionals in implant surgery and restoration construction who were vital to my care.

A complex, empirical procedure such as the one I underwent, had the potential for unexpected problems. Even when they occurred there was no finger-pointing at the other guy. Such collegial team-work is testimony to the respect these other professionals have for Jay and provided comforting security to me as Jay’s patient.

Jay is also a real nice guy. And that helps when you have to see him over and over again!

I strongly recommend him to you for both simple and complex procedures.

Fred Kahan
Scotch Plains, NJ

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